F5 ACI ServiceCenter

Company: F5 Networks


The F5 ACI ServiceCenter runs natively in Cisco’s APIC, providing administrator a unified way to manage both L2-L3 and L4-L7 infrastructure.
The app offers enhanced ACI-to-BIG-IP visibility; L2-L3 network stitching capability; and L4-L7 application services to ACI workloads

1. Manage multiple BIG-IP devices by adding and logging in to the devices through the application
2. Visibility Tab: View BIG-IP Network elements like VLANs, VIPs and Nodes, and co-relate them with APIC information like Tenant|App|EPG.
3. L2-L3 Stitching Tab: Facilitates L2-L3 Stitching between APIC Logical Devices and BIG-IP Device (CRUD operations for VLAN, Self IP, and Default Gateway)
4. L4-L7 Configuration Tab: This has two sub-tabs
1. BIG-IP: Allows creation of BIG-IP Application Services Declaration by
- Writing the declaration JSON in provided Textbox or
- By uploading a Declaration file. The user will be able to do a
- Dry-run on the declaration
- Submit the declaration
2. Application: Allows application management with features
- Create/Delete a Partition on BIG-IP
- Create/Update/Delete an Application on BIG-IP

1. APIC configuration for adding a Logical Device for F5 BIG-IP has to be done out-of-band from APIC GUI. That capability is not provided in the app.
2. To enable and use L4-L7 Configuration tab, please install f5-appsvcs package version 3.7.0 or higher on the BIG-IP device using BIG-IP configuration UI. (https://clouddocs.f5.com/products/extensions/f5-appsvcs-extension/latest/userguide/installation.html#installation)

Deployment and user guide: https://clouddocs.f5.com/f5-aci-servicecenter/latest
Support: https://github.com/F5Networks/f5-aci-servicecenter/issues




Average Rating

Posted by Payal Singh

Great App with relevant use cases. Works great with version 4.1(1k).

Posted by Martin Falberg

Same problem with 4.1(1i) cannot upload it and install.

Posted by morteza khaleghi

My APIC version is 4.1(1i). I received upload failed when I upload File to APIC.


Excellent integration with two of the biggest brands in SDN.

Posted by Vincent Ng

Excited to see BIG-IP and ACI integration!