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F5 ACI ServiceCenter

Company: F5 Networks
App checksum
md5 : 75d8d64ffa59cf0d725baefdb9743782



The F5 ACI ServiceCenter runs natively in Cisco's APIC, providing administrator a unified way to manage both L2-L3 and L4-L7 infrastructure.
The application offers enhanced ACI-to-BIG-IP visibility; L2-L3 network management capability; and L4-L7 application services to ACI workloads.

The F5 ACI ServiceCenter can also be driven as part of the ACI REST API model, which allow administrators to integrate the L2-L7 workflow into an organization's automation and orchestration model seamlessly.

1. Single point of automation with enhanced visibility into Cisco ACI and F5 BIG-IP.
2. Suitable for both green field and brown field deployment.
3. Stateful application - saves data configured by the application.
4. Non disruptive- Deleting the application will NOT impact ACI and BIG-IP configurations.
5. Easy to automate - Application itself can be automated by APIC REST API.
6. Application usage maintains organization operational model and ownership.

1. Manage multiple BIG-IP devices (Physical, Virtual Edition, vCMP) by adding and logging in to the devices.
2. Self-Discovery of BIG-IP devices (Physical, vCMP) in the APIC fabric using LLDP protocol.
3. Visibility: View BIG-IP Network elements like VLANs, VIPs and Nodes, and co-relate them with APIC information like Tenant, Application profile and End point groups.
4. L2-L3 Network Management: Facilitates L2-L3 Stitching between APIC Logical Devices and BIG-IP Device (Create/Delete/Update operations for VLAN, Self IP, and Default Gateway).
5. L4-L7 Application Services: Leverages F5 Automation and Orchestration toolchain (a declarative API model) to deploy feature rich applications on the BIG-IP.
6. Dynamic attaching and detaching of APIC workload to BIG-IP pool's using the notifications mechanism from APIC.
7. F5 ACI ServiceCenter application upgrades supported.
8. F5 ACI ServiceCenter database import and export capabilities present.
9. Visibility: Support for FQDN based nodes
10. Faults: Recording errors/warnings generated by the application on the user interface for easier troubleshooting
11. Debug utility to monitor and easily fix (if needed) backend tasks.

New features in 2.6
1. Hostname login supported for Standalone BIG-IPs and High Availability setups.
2. Excel reports for Visibility tables using API and FASC UI.
3. Static port and Static leaf VLAN support in Visibility VLAN table.
4. Route domain is supported in Visibility tables.
5. Improved response time for Visibility tables.

1. APIC minimum version supported for 3.2.x: 3.2(7f)
2. APIC minimum version supported for 4.1.x: 4.1(1k)
3. APIC minimum version supported for 5.0.x: 5.0(1k)
4. Any APIC related configuration (logical device cluster, service graph template etc.) CANNOT be done through the application and should be done on APIC directly.
5. To enable and use L4-L7 application services, install latest f5-appsvcs package BIG-IP device using BIG-IP configuration UI. (clouddocs.f5.com/products/extensions/f5-appsvcs-extension/latest/userguide/installation.html#installation)

Before using the application check the following:
Video Demo(s): tinyurl.com/F5ACIServiceCenterVideos
Feature and version compatibility matrix: clouddocs.f5.com/f5-aci-servicecenter/latest/support.html
Deployment and user guide: clouddocs.f5.com/f5-aci-servicecenter/latest
Support: github.com/F5Networks/f5-aci-servicecenter/issues

The application gathers non-identifiable usage data for the purposes of improving the product. To opt out of data collection, disable data gathering as described in the deployment and user guide under section "TEEM - F5 ACI ServiceCenter data usage collection".