F5 ACI ServiceCenter

Company: F5 Networks


The F5 ACI ServiceCenter runs natively in Cisco’s APIC, providing administrator a unified way to manage both L2-L3 and L4-L7 infrastructure.
The app offers enhanced ACI-to-BIG-IP visibility; L2-L3 network stitching capability; and L4-L7 application services to ACI workloads

1. Manage multiple BIG-IP devices by adding and logging in to the devices through the application
2. Visibility Tab: View BIG-IP Network elements like VLANs, VIPs and Nodes, and co-relate them with APIC information like Tenant|App|EPG.
3. L2-L3 Stitching Tab: Facilitates L2-L3 Stitching between APIC Logical Devices and BIG-IP Device (CRUD operations for VLAN, Self IP, and Default Gateway)
4. L4-L7 Configuration Tab: This has two sub-tabs
1. BIG-IP: Allows creation of BIG-IP Application Services Declaration by
- Writing the declaration JSON in provided Textbox or
- By uploading a Declaration file. The user will be able to do a
- Dry-run on the declaration
- Submit the declaration
2. Application: Allows application management with features
- Create/Delete a Partition on BIG-IP
- Create/Update/Delete an Application on BIG-IP
3. Application Inventory: Displays brief information about Applications configured on BIG-IP Partitions

1. APIC minimum version supported for 3.2.x: 3.2(7f)
2. APIC minimum version supported for 4.1.x: 4.1(1k)
3. APIC configuration for adding a Logical Device for F5 BIG-IP has to be done out-of-band from APIC GUI. That capability is not provided in the app.
4. To enable and use L4-L7 Configuration tab, please install f5-appsvcs package version 3.14.0 or higher on the BIG-IP device using BIG-IP configuration UI. (https://clouddocs.f5.com/products/extensions/f5-appsvcs-extension/latest/userguide/installation.html#installation)

Deployment and user guide: https://clouddocs.f5.com/f5-aci-servicecenter/latest
Support: https://github.com/F5Networks/f5-aci-servicecenter/issues